1. Anonymous asked: Do you argue a lot?

    Don’t ask.


  2. Anonymous asked: Arthur, why so gay?

    Arthur: Really?

    Alfred: Good question!! :/


  3. risu-nee asked: Hey there guys, you are still so cute! Arthur, congratulations for the Royal Baby. I guess you spend a lot of time with him. Alfred aren't you jealous? :D

    Arthur: Thank you! Yes I do, George needs a lot of attention I can tell you. But I still have enough time for Alfred.

    Alfred: Only a lil’ bit… (Arthur’s still gone..)


  4. Anonymous asked: How often do you have sex?

    Arthur: None of your business!


  5. oppanoticedme asked: How much do you love each other?

    So much that words can’t describe it.


  6. Anonymous asked: How's life been treating you both? Arthur, have you babysat prince George yet? Alfred, have you met the little bundle of joy?

    Arthur: He’s crying again..

    Alfred: uh, yeah.


  7. Alfred: Arthy, why didn’t ya hang those up?

    Arthur: uh..

    Arthur: Because you didn’t nail it!

    Alfred: Whaaaaat

    Arthur: //oh god//

    Alfred: QQ


  8. Anonymous asked: Ah! You are so cute!

    We know ;D

    ((Thank you ;3; ))


  9. Alfred: Omg I’m so damn hot


  10. Anonymous asked: Does the grammar (lack of apostrophe) of the poster in the background bother you at all, Arthur?

    Arthur: I actually forgot about the mistake. It’s been there a ‘while’.

    Alfred: Wha?